Nature of Business

  • CMKCD is an Intermodal Container Operator who was awarded a Spoornet rail account to grow the rail volumes and service the industry with service excellence. The rail contract with Spoornet enables CMKCD to provide the industry with competitive rates to convey traffic by rail within Southern Africa and its neighboring countries.
  • The Container Depot in Kazerne (CMKCD) is a fully Customs Licensed Depot, Registered with SARS. The depot accommodates the handling and storage of Empty and Full Containers, as well as a warehousing facility.
  • The Company also has at its disposal a fully fledged local and Long Distance Transport network in place to accommodate the customer’s needs at any given time.
  • The Local Delivery vehicles in Gauteng is Registered with Spoornet City Deep Terminal, thus enabling CMKCD to execute deliveries to and from City Deep Terminal.
  • CMKCD is strategically situated at the Coastal Ports / Inland Ports which offers a ZERO Defect service in lodging Container Terminal Orders / Freight Transit Order with SAPO and Spoornet.
  • CMKCD offers the customer peace of mind in terms of utilizing the depot to pack export units early and storage at the depot on negotiated free periods. This service is also provided to Import traffic but on terms and conditions between CMKCD and the Client.
  • CMKCD also offers it’s customers an advance IT system that eradicates paper work and allows the company to transmit Container Tracking Reports and Invoices via Internet E-mail and the company is also in the process of implementing an EDI facility with it’s client base. Further development is planned so that CMKCD can offer an efficient service to its client(s).
  • CMKCD DBN operates 7 days a week in terms of lodging documents and container tracking and the Depot Facility in Kazerne operates Monday to Friday but with a value added service where CMKCD – Kazerne can open on weekends to suite the clients needs.
  • Currently, the depot is operating with 2 x 44 tons Hysters and 2 x Empty Handlers.

CMKCD intentions are to build a healthy but mutually beneficial relationship with its clients. Moreover, the company will provide their valued client with a ZERO DEFECT SERVICE at all times.

CMKCD will strive to be the NUMBER 1 INTERMODAL SERVICE PROVIDER for container movements as well as the most reputable DEPOT FACILITY to our industry.




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